Last updated in November 2023

Rolling Back Drivers in Windows XP and Vista

If you're running a version of Windows older than XP or Vista you're out of luck on this feature. You're going to have to try and troubleshoot your driver problems the old fashioned way - with lots of time and patience. We always recommend at least upgrading to Windows XP rather than trying to jerry-rig old version of Windows as drivers that old are rarely available anymore.

It's important to note that Roll Back Driver isn't the perfect fix for all driver issues. It's certainly not a replacement for regularly backing up your computer on a regular basis, especially when you're about to install a new driver or application. Of note too is the fact that even after you use the Roll Back Driver feature you may still need to keep troubleshooting your system if that doesn't happen to fix your issue. Roll Back Driver is really only for issues caused by a new driver vs. deeper problems your system may also be suffering from.

Using The Roll Back Driver Feature

Using the Roll Back Driver feature is a snap. To begin with, you need to navigate to the Device Manager that lists all of the hardware components installed in your computer, as well as connected peripherals such as printers, webcams, scanners etc...

Here's how to use the Roll Back Driver feature in Windows XP and Vista respectively:

Select Start, Settings, Control Panel.
Double-click System and select the Hardware tab at the top.
Select the 'Device Manager' option. The Device Manager will appear.

For Vista, click Start, Control Panel, System And Maintenance, Device Manager.
Select the 'Continue' option on the UAC dialog box.
The Device Manager will then appear.