Last updated in April 2024

NVIDIA: Display Adapters and System Chipsets

NVIDIA (California, USA) develops, manufacturers, and markets graphics chipsets and video cards for PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, and professional workstations. They're best known for their PC motherboard designs and graphics cards for PC-based video gaming. NVIDIA's graphics and motherboard chipsets are found in hundreds of worldwide PC brands including Dell, HP, Apple, Acer, Gateway, IBM, and more. NVIDIA's main market competition comes from fellow graphics card manufacturer ATI.

NVIDIA provides fairly good support for their graphics card and motherboard chipsets in terms of new drivers for existing and growing operating systems like Linux. A substantial increase in 3D performance is often noted as NVIDIA releases newer, more efficient driver versions. Typically, NVIDIA drivers are released in packages referred to as Detonator drivers. These releases usually include updates for all OS versions.

No doubt you'll recognize many of NVIDIA's top product brand names:

Here are links to downloads of the most common NVIDIA drivers for both Windows XP and Vista:

NVIDIA GeForce (v. 4-9) Video Cards

NVIDIA GeForce Go Mobile Graphics

NVIDIA Quadro Workstation Graphics Drivers

NVIDIA nForce Integrated Motherboard Chipset

Note: We always recommend users skip the hassles of trying to find their own hardware model numbers and use an automatic driver update tool like Driver Wizard.