Last updated in February 2024

Intel: Audio and Display Adapters, Chipsets and More

Intel (California, USA) is the world's largest developer of computer and handheld CPUs (central processing units), motherboards and graphics chipsets and platforms. The grandaddy of Silicon Valley technology companies, Intel's chips and motherboards have found their way into the vast majority of desktop and notebook computers worldwide. Their processors now include a 'multicore' design, effectively placing up to 8 individual processors on one larger chip. This advancement has lead to Intel also developing the motherboard chipsets that these processors require to run effectively.

In Intel's case, a complete 'platform' developed by them includes a cluster of three main components: the processor, the integrated video card or graphics processor and network interfaces (both wireless and ethernet). These chipset and processor platforms are now often branded on their own, for instance the Centrino laptop platform brand.

Intel develops a large portion of the drivers for their platforms in-house. Driver for Intel-spec motherboard components can often be found on the Intel site directly; however, PC manufacturers often license Intel platforms for their own custom-build configurations - this may

make it difficult to discern exactly what model numbers of hardware are installed on your PC.

Intel's drivers are labeled in a few different ways. In some cases they are listed by motherboard or graphics chipset number while at other times by platform name like Centrino.

Here are the most common Intel driver downloads:

Intel Mobile Graphics Chipsets

Intel Desktop Graphics Adapters

Intel Wireless Network Adapters

Intel Desktop Ethernet Network Cards

Note: We always recommend users skip the hassles of trying to find their own hardware model numbers and use an automatic driver update tool like Driver Wizard.