Last updated in November 2023

HP (Hewlett Packard): Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and More

HP (California, United States) makes everything from PCs and printers to software. One of the oldest technology companies out there, HP has their fingers in almost every technology pie. They are also the biggest PC manufacturer in the world, in addition to their massive printing and imaging empire. They also build Compaq branded desktops and laptops.

Like most large PC vendors, Hewlett Packard uses a broad variety of internal component manufacturers to supply them with everything from PC and laptop motherboards to video and network cards. A few years ago HP decided to stop shipping Windows recovery CDs with their computers. Instead, they opted to allocate a large piece of the computer's internal hard drive to a 'recovery' partition which contains an image of the factory-shipped computer allowing you to reload to factory settings any time. This is great but it doesn't give you a handy driver CD, so if you're just looking to update the driver on one component on the PC you're out of luck.

While HP has thousands of products, we've tried to compile a list of the most common drivers for HP products:

Note: HP purchased Compaq back in 2003. They continued to market products under both names, so if you have a Compaq device or PC that requires drivers you'll need to check the HP support site for the appropriate downloads.

Note: We always recommend users skip the hassles of trying to find their own hardware model numbers and use an automatic driver update tool like Driver Wizard.