Last updated in November 2023

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Driver Conflicts

Windows XP:

Pop open the Control Panel, click Performance And Maintenance, and then System. Select the Hardware tab and then select the Device Manager option.

Now, find the device you're having trouble with in the Device Manager tree, double-click it, select the Driver tab at the top, and then select Uninstall.

If you happen to still be using Windows 98, Me or 2000, you can still remove a driver manually using the Device Manager, but you need to go a different route to access it. Click Start, then Control Panel. Next, select the problematic device, and hit Remove. You'll have to restart your computer and click through as Windows locates the device and tries to find a driver for it, or alternatively, asks you to point it to an updated version you may have on a disk or CD. If you don't have the driver CD you can always use an automated tool to download correct drivers - we have them listed on our Driver Tools Download page.

Another great feature of the Device Manager is the yellow exclamation mark that shows you which drivers are having issues, possibly conflicts. You can then follow the above steps to troubleshoot these manually.