Last updated in April 2024

ATI Technologies: Display Adapters, Video Cards and Chipsets

ATI Technologies (Ontario, Canada), purchased by AMD in 2006 has been a primary designer of video cards, embedded graphics, motherboard chipsets and gaming console processors since 1985. The ATI name lives on as a part of AMD, and while the ATI brand has been wound into the website they still have their own branded pages and driver lookup tools. Their main market competitor is NVIDIA.

ATI chips and video graphics cards are included in the PCs manufactured by hundreds of PC vendors including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Gateway, and more. Additionally, a number of video card manufacturers license ATI graphics processing engines for their own video cards, meaning an ATI chip could be included on any number of graphics boards from other manufacturers.

ATI's most popular video card and chipsets for desktop and laptops computers include:

* Note: ATI drivers typically come bundled as a "Catalyst" driver package. ATI Radeon is the most popular of ATI's display adapters.

Here are links to downloads of the most common ATI drivers for both Windows XP and Vista:

ATI Radeon & Radeon HD Graphics Chipsets

ATI All-In-Wonder TV-Capable Graphics Cards

ATI Radeon Mobility Laptop Graphic Drivers

Integrated Motherboards with ATI Graphics

Note: We always recommend users skip the hassles of trying to find their own hardware model numbers and use an automatic driver update tool like Driver Wizard.