Last updated in April 2024

Windows Device Drivers, Made Easy

ScannerYour computer is an amazingly powerful tool that lets you connect thousands of different peripherals and devices. A Windows PC lets you scan photos, print newsletters, download camera pictures, use webcams and do it all without leaving your home. Device Drivers are the software piece you need to make it all work.

Many people don't realize but even the internal components of a PC need drivers. Your video card inside your desktop or laptop computer requires display adapter drivers to show you images at full resolution. If the driver is not working correctly you will not be able to view videos, play games and sometimes even see more than 256 colors on your monitor or LCD screen.

KeyboardA lot of computer problems can be traced back to old or outdated drivers that can cause error messages, Windows blue screen, trouble shutting down, inaccessible files and even slow computer performance. Fortunately we are here to help! Take a look through our site and learn about maintaining your device drivers. We recommend to start with the article on Troubleshooting Driver Problems.

If all this seems like greek to you then we recommend you visit our Download page and get one of the listed software packages to automate driver maintenance for you. Just set it and forget it!

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